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"The Answer book on Slavery." Some of the questions answered include: Is the institution of slavery common throughout human history? Why did slavery succeed in the South and fail in the North? Why did the North industrialize and the South remain agricultural? Was slavery "the Cause" of the War? What is Expatiated-Slavery? Were masters cruel to their slaves? Was the Anti-South Anti-Slavery North really Pro-Black? Was the Emancipation Proclamation a moral decree? What was Lincoln's true slavery position? Was a slave's life worse than "Free Labor" in the North? Does the Bible oppose slavery? Did soldiers fight for or against slavery? Why was there no mass resistance by slaves against slavery? How did slavery relate to representation in the national government and Federal Budget? Did blacks serve voluntarily in the Confederate Army? How did slavery relate to Northern draft laws? How did lying abolition propaganda influence public opinion in America and in Europe? Why were there so few run a-way slaves? Was the Underground Railroad effective? Did Northern factory owners cause the war because of their desire for freed Southern slave labor? What was the master-slave relationship like? Did masters fulfill their lustful desire at will with slave girls? Did slaves really want freedom? This book bridges a chasm of false information, distorted ideas, and lack of information!!! There were "No devils or angels" only people living a normal way of life.

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