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Civil War Tales is a delightful concoction of newly uncovered pure history, hilarious fables, heart wrenching stories and just plain bull, which all add up to give the reader a real flavor of the times. The book is based primarily on family stories passed down through the generations, but not recorded until now. The author did numerous interviews to acquire the information and flushed them out with his own personal research. The stories, (true and not so true) are presented in an easy reading, conversational manner. The concoction is accented with 52 photos and 18 works of art.

New and true history relates to the personal lives of Lee and Jackson; the man who shot Gen. Turner Ashby; the man who let John Wilkes Booth escape; our war as fought in South Africa; and a Southern general's lasting contribution to race relations.

There are stories of love, hate, courage, cowardice, battlefield glory, trench line muck. There are stories of passion, of Northern and Southern atrocities, loyal and disloyal slaves, tears and laughter, and trench line muck.